Visitation Rules ( 10.30.20)

  • Visitors must present a negative COVID-19 test within the past 7 days (based on collection date not result date). Visitors are screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to resident access and visitation will be refused if the individual(s) exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms or do not pass the screening questions.  Screening shall consist of both temperature checks and asking screening questions to assess potential exposure to COVID-19 which shall include questions regarding international travel or travel to other states designated under the Commissioner’s travel advisory.


  • Documentation must include the following for each visitor to the nursing home: first and last name of the visitor; physical (street) address of the visitor; daytime and evening telephone number; date and time of visit; and email address, if available.
  • Visitors, including long-term care ombudsman, are continued to be screened for signs and symptoms of Covid-19 prior to resident access. Additionally, the visitor must present a verified negative test result within the last week (7 days) and visitation must be refused if the individual(s) fails to present such negative test result, exhibits any Covid-19 symptoms, or does not pass screening questions.
  • Limited visitation, including, but not limited to, family members, loved ones, representatives from the long-term care ombudsman program (LTCOP).


  • No more than 10 percent (10%) of the residents shall have visitors at any one time and only two visitors will be allowed per resident at any one time.


  • At this time, visitation is strictly prohibited in resident rooms or care areas with the exception of parents and immediate family members visiting a pediatric resident (up to age 21) on a dedicated pediatric unit/wing when such room is only occupied by the child receiving a visit.


  • Visitation should be limited to outdoor areas, weather permitting. Under certain limited circumstances, as defined by the facility, visitation can be inside, in a well-ventilated space with no more than 10 individuals who are appropriately socially distanced and wearing a facemask or face covering while in the presence of others.


  • Visitors under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by someone 18 years or older.


  • Visitors must wear a face mask or face covering which covers both the nose and mouth at all times when on the premises of the nursing home. No Food or drinks are permitted during the visit.


  • Visitors must maintain social distancing, except when assisting with wheelchair mobility.


  • Facilities will provide alcohol-based hand rub, consisting of at least 60 percent (60%) alcohol, to residents, visitors and representatives of the long-term care ombudsman prior to visiting the residents. Rub hands together using friction.


  • Visitation hours are by appointment only, 9am-6pm. A copy of the nursing home’s formal visitation plan is posted on the website.


  • Staff is required to monitor the visitation process. If any visitor fails to adhere to the protocol, he/she/they will be prohibited from visiting for the duration of the COVID-19 state declared public health emergency.

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